Welcome to ConquerCraftMC Server

No Greifing

Be Kind

Be Respectful

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Hello! Welcome to ConquerCraftMC Server. Here we are a calm, laid back server of builders, traders, blacksmiths, all sorts of players gathering together to form one big city we can all reside and relax in. Join us in our journey towards advancing the architecture, technology, and practices of The City! We are excited to have you be apart of the community and look forward to building great things!!

This server is NON PVP, if we read of a death by other player, you will be banned. We also extend a high level of trust giving out grief privileges on initial join, so we ask you respect buildings and works in progress. All other material gathering is permitted.

We are currently in the process of getting up to speed with hosting this website and getting features and changes added. In this time we ask that you're patient when waiting for feature updates or server updates. We will be posting logs of said updates made to either the website or server.